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Psychological stress and distress may trigger the psoriasis among certain people who have a tendency, or may lead to an increase of the current rashes. Therefore, psychological help will provide an effect by reducing the severity of the disease on people who have higher stress levels. Also, dental caries, tonsillitis, infectious diseases such as urinary tract infections and damages of rubbing, hitting, scratching, high alcohol consumption, certain metabolic disorders (hypocalcaemia), and medications may trigger the psoriasis.

Also it is known as dermatitis, since eczema is a skin disease. Being called also Atopic Dermatitis (AD), eczema is characterized by very dry and itchy skin, and it is a non-contagious skin inflammation. Usually, it develops due to allergies caused by food or inhalants.

What is Eczema?

Seborrheic Dermatitis 

It is characterized by lesions with erythema and squama on the seborrheic regions like scalp, back of ear, eyebrow roots or as we call it, T region, sides of nose, chin and front side of the chest. This is a structural feature. Disease can go into remission or reactivation periods frequently. Fatty look of the lesions are typical. 

Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus is an inflammatory skin and mucosa disease with a strong immunopathogenic side. Its cause is unknown. Lilac colored, itchy, ring shaped papules with flat tops may be developed. And their surface may look like White lace. There may be one or more papules.

Ichthyosis Disease

Keratinization is process in which subjacent epidermal cells turns into a barrier-like, hard cells of corneocytes - the source of the stratum corneum barrier-. 


Mesotherapie Spezialist / Ozontherapie Spezialist / Phytotherapie Spezialist



It is a process based on external nutrient injection to the middle layer of the skin. Those nutrients renew, moisturize and tighten the skin. The administered material increases the elastic and collagen fibers. The oil-moisture balance of the skin is very important when treating dermatologic diseases. This method is practiced by the doctors who are granted authorization by the Minister of Health.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

It is a treatment method where the ozone gas given to the body. Method of administering the ozone to the body is important for each dermatologic disease. Ozone therapy regulates the immune system. (It is frequently used for psoriasis and eczema treatment.) It is effective on the bacteria, funguses and viruses on the skin. This method is practiced by the doctors who are granted authorization by the Minister of Health. 



Making natural medicine and usage of medicinal plants to prevent and treat the diseases is called Phytotherapy. Thanks to Phytotherapy, many dermatologic disorders (psoriasis, eczema, and etc.) can be kept at remission by using medicines containing various herbal oils and herbal extracts. This method is practiced by the doctors who are granted authorization by the Minister of Health.

Happy Patients

In the December of 2015 I started to get treatment from Dr. İlteber Bahadır’s clinic. I have tried every doctor, pharmacy, herbalist and hot spring. I tried everything I heard from around. We let ourselves suffer too much. I am so glad there was Dr. İlteber Bahadır. I beat the psoriasis, first thanks to God and then you.

Kadir D.

Dr. İlteber Bahadır is an exemplary gownsman with both his knowledge and tolerance. We had a lot of questions in our heads before coming here. We were hesitating. But my life has changed when I went to his clinic in the June of 2017. I am like reborn. He took good care of me and freed me from my scars completely. My psychology was so bad but we overcome all this problems thanks to our doctor. Thank you very much doctor. Thank God, you were there.

Tülay T.

I want to thank Dr İlteber Bahadır so much. May God bless you. We went there. In a short period time like 6 months, all my scars completely healed. All of this happened by using natural methods. Psoriasis patients should not waste any time. Quit the cortisone and chemical drugs. I insistently advise you to go to Dr İlteber Bahadır’s clinic. I wish everyone to get better soon.

Yakup P.